Top 20 best PS4 games in 2020

Sony has a wonderful year, so it is difficult to pick the best PS4 games in 2018. But we have done this. We play all the best, best and most interesting PlayStation games to ensure this list – squeezed into the 20 best PS4 games – is absolutely up to date and reliable. So far, we have great releases like God of War, Detroit: Become Human and Monster Hunter World. Later in the year, we have the Spider-Man, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Battlefield 5 all wishing to be places for the best of all PlayStation pseudos.

Best PS4 Games
Best PS4 Games

And now E3 is here, and Sony – as well as all other big gaming companies – are announcing a whole new roof of the game that we will be able to play in 2018 and beyond. There is never a better time to become a PS4 owner or to take a new PS4 bundle. In this way, we keep this list fresh, update it every week, and make sure that the game is the best at it, which you can play now, even if they feel about them being released Are there.

Games change, grow, and become better or worse and we play to ensure that our best to be the best at the best PS4 games is best. And we will always keep an eye on the upcoming PS4 games to see what will happen next in this here are our top best PS4 games  in 2018.

20: Fallout4

Top 20 best PS4 games in 2020 2
In our the best PS4 games in 2018 No.20 is By killing PS4 with a fat boy’s nuclear force, you can trigger a bad case of Fallout 4’s excellent gunpowder and crafting system RPG-Itis. Do not worry though, it’s a Stimpak for it. There is a lot to do this in the post-apocalypse, it is almost scary and often you are ready to complete a mission and when you find something amazing/awesome on the way, it is fully tracked.

Giving a proper voice to the main character adds an extra layer of polish to the action, and the extended set of companions and customization options are also very welcome. It is not without its flaws (or vaults), but Bethesda’s barren land level will keep you bunk for weeks. Slash in the comprehensive DLC additions available in the full game of the year and you would never want to come back from Westland.

Enhanced PS4 Pro: No

19: Titanfall 2

Top 20 best PS4 games in 2020 3

Titanfall 2 is a complete collection of a game. It was one of the biggest surprises of 2016 because it gave a smart campaign and enhanced the original killer multiplayer (which was only the Xbox). The story is flowing through unique modes in a style which was used in the sea to wash and repeat the very first time, which still provides true freedom while retaining the feeling of familiarity.

Its navigation and counterattack really feel tri-dimensional, and its big gun battle is an adrenaline crowd, even the Optimus Prime will struggle to get involved. A special, special game that has nothing except robot in execution. Gets beautifully in 2018, and you can choose it for the price of the deal.

Enhanced PS4 Pro: No

18: Assassin’s Creed Origins

Top 20 best PS4 games in 2020 4

With a weapon to balance at the top of a pyramid, 7th place is the uncertainty of the peaching assassin creed. After a decade of a free running franchise, it takes the ancient Egyptian adventure to another level. In beautiful and melting eyes of beautiful Egyptian, a complete RPG resets whatever you know about the Genesis series.

Fighter, booty, free running, quests You name it and Genesis has made it better and probably made it fatal. Oh God, not an annoyed hippo… In an original story that hurts all the right places and future classes, which have a serious impact on the future of the series, and the genesis of the killer creed is a definite adventure. .

Enhanced PS4 Pro: Yes

17: Monster Hunter World

Top 20 best PS4 games in 2020 5

We knew that the Monster Hunter World was going to give something special but nobody had waited for the level of depth and beauty within the CPM’s updated Action RPG. Despite being the most accessible monster hunter yet, you still have to go through some scary tutorials to get good things, but breaking through that wall and dangerously ready to lose your entire time here.

A terrible addictive robbery for the types of endless weapons, huge creatures, a constant lavish atmosphere, and loot system means that going to the monster hunter will be your claws. Oh, and do not forget the goals for those weaker ones. You will thank us later. If you are looking for more help, then see our Monster Hunter World Tips.

Enhanced PS4 Pro: Yes

16: Battlefield 1

Top 20 best PS4 games in 2020 6

The Battlefield 1 epic shooter series takes you back to World War 1, and the result is that you will ever see some of the worst, bloody FPS actions. There is a very small story mode in this installment, which adheres to the exploitation of many soldiers fighting on all fronts of the struggle, but it is about multiplayer with Battlefield.

Variety of map and mode is shocking – especially with all the content added by various DLC packs (most of which are now totally free for all users). Whether you prefer to live as a soldier or choose to run a tank or pilot plane, there is a role for you in the chaotic online field. Its main attraction is Operations Mode, which establishes a 64-player struggle on a large scale during many maps, which gives the real sense of fighting back and forth.

Enhanced PS4 Pro: No

15:Detroit: Become Human

Top 20 best PS4 games in 2020 7

The latest adventure of the Quantum Dream is a fascinating story game that focuses on Detroit in 2038. The Society has made Android do all the jobs of men and low-paid jobs, but Detroit: Become Human What happens when Android gains and what starts to break your programming. One of the most beautiful games on PS4, instead of having complete control over the Detroit action, the story is about progress, so before you play you have to be ready to join a fair, engaging story.

Embrace the story of Detroit, those who force you to make choices, like them, and it can be one of the most unique, interesting games ever on PS4. Even in one playthrough, it is impossible to see half the game, so there is a heap of value here.

Enhanced PS4 Pro: Yes

PS4 Pro enhanced: Yes

14:Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Top 20 best PS4 games in 2020 8

Crudely, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is a hack N slash adventure game, which follows a young warrior called Senua, who travels to hell to save the soul of her lover. Most of the game sees you solving environmental puzzles, fighting demons, and taking part in boss battles. However, it’s the stories you live through, and the way the game represents Senua’s fragile mental health, that makes Hellblade one of PS4’s best.

You constantly hear multiple voices echoing around in Senua’s head, eroding her confidence and making her scared of the next darkness-filled corridor. Senua herself is expertly acted and mo-capped by the team at Ninja Theory, which all adds to the realistic portrayal of a very troubled woman, looking for redemption. And the side-plot played out by a narrator inside Senua’s head, are some of the most fascinating, well-told stories in games. Essential, and usually available for a great price.

PS4 Pro enhanced: No

13: Destiny 2

Top 20 best PS4 games in 2020 9

With more loot than you can shake a chicken at, Destiny 2 finally delivers a campaign worth fighting for as well as a new set of magnificent planetary locales to mow down the inhabitants of. Your first month of play will be a giddy treasure trove of loot and, of course, the perfect gunplay that sent us into raptures the first time around but there are currently problems surrounding endgame content.

Bungie is currently working on some promising updates, and while there are beautiful locations, excellent strikes and a cracking trio of Raids to enjoy with friends, there’s still a few problems. This is still a definitive shooter but it looks like big change lies ahead for Bungie’s ambitious sequel in 2018. The new Warmind expansion is live right now, and it’s already started to change the game’s fortunes.

PS4 Pro enhanced: Yes

12: Bloodborne

Top 20 best PS4 games in 2020 10

The first of the Bloodborne PS4 was really great, which was specially made. In Yarnam, the software has made one of the most spectacular atmospheric worlds on PlayStation. This is a city that drowns; Every corner potentially laminates a weird animal or hidden course. Although there may be fewer weapons than the Dark Souls, new trick variants (capable of morphing between long and small states) are among the most powerful virtual slaughter tools you’ll ever get. With the best third person Melanie War in all sports, Dole-worthy art designs, and with the most turning monsters in the biz, it should be a beautiful Gothic. Bit, brain

Enhanced PS4 Pro: No

11: Persona 5

Top 20 best PS4 games in 2020 11

Accept this, if you are familiar with the Person series, you probably have seen this comming ‘. And if you are not familiar, then here is GIST: You are a high school student (socialization with class and friends) Fight monsters, capturing or otherwise trusting them to lend their power in your quest Assure. And what is that search, you can ask? Why to fight against the world driven by those who have allowed their heart to cool down. To do this, you enter a radius associated with the psychology of each major opponent, who faces his literal monsters. So yes One part is Pokmon, one part high school simulator, one part cyconet, all supported by a Groove soundtrack.

Enhanced PS4 Pro: No

10: Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Top 20 best PS4 games in 2020 12

The original survival horror is back to reclaim its throne as one of PS4’s best scarefests with this first-person reboot. Resident Evil 7 is a complete reinvention for the series, drawing in the terror close with a new camera and a palette of fear that’s very much aware of modern horror films.  The game follows Ethan as he searches for his missing wife in a Louisiana swamp, a trip that soon goes very wrong when the Baker family show up.

This is a much more low key, slow-burning sort of fear that the last couple of game’s action blowouts, focusing on a more slasher movie style pursuit through a large, crumbling house. But, despite the overhaul, things like inventory management, puzzles, weapons and items still feel unmissably Resi. It’s a great Resident Evil game, but more importantly, a great horror game in its own right.

PS4 Pro enhanced: Ye

9:Nier: Automata

Top 20 best PS4 games in 2020 13

Nierr: Automata cannot be the most elaborate, content-rich, or open-ended RPG in the world (or even in this list), but it’s definitely best to star in Android in the Gothic Lolita fashion The game is, while the nature of philosophical humanity, ethics, and free will about the philosopher. Combat is fast, fluid and satisfying, while a unique and award-winning soundtrack is exciting from excitement to mysterious to excitement.

This is the type of game where you take a side-quest from a robot, after the early decade of the 20th century, the French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, before landing in his power armor, a giant kaiju machine with laser and 10 ft long slit Used to model for fighting. It is weird, wild, and should not be missed.

Enhanced PS4 Pro: Yes

8: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Top 20 best PS4 games in 2020 14

The true successes of the Uncharted 4 are lying in details. Oh, of course, you have big action set pieces that are known for the series, where the hero Nathan touches Drake, Michael Bay is separated in the level of the destruction of Bay. And focus on detail in those moments – how are wooden splinters caught in the bottom of the gun, or how Nathan’s clothes are caught in the soil during a high-octane car chase – surely this is a little bit to show to your friends Shines in the form of impressive technology.

But this kind of unwanted nails is small moments that make it really great. For the first time in the series, the naughty dog has given some rooms to develop the characters in the series as real people, to fill the details you expect, to fill them up, and to make these big moments more effective than these small moments Feel it. As Uncharted 4 explosives, it is also deeply personal – and to boot it, the hell of a showpiece for your Ps4.the best PS4 games in 2018 uncharted is in our no.6

Enhanced PS4 Pro: Yes

7: What Remains of Edith Finch

Top 20 best PS4 games in 2020 15

Of course, so far you have probably heard all the promotions, and perhaps you have put a little away from that weird hipster that the campaign always preaches, but what remains of Edith Finch is one of those beautiful reminders that the game will give you Everything can feel While searching for the home of his family, the title Edith Finch gradually ignored Finch’s stories through age, each person was opening a new experience and story.

In order to blow a kite just by searching for a Halloween horror adventure in a kite novel, every chapter is a new wonder. To move forward, you have to spoil the magic of this running SIM, but yes, it will break your heart and make you cry, but only in the best possible way. What remains of Edith Finch is a beautiful experience that never feels emotionally enjoyable, is a tremendous reflection on incredible humans and stories that make us. Even though we did not always know it.

Boosted ps pro: yes

6: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Top 20 best PS4 games in 2020 16

The White Wolf himself finally rides on PS4 in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and brings with him one of the most diverse and challenging RPGs ever seen in the world. Mesmerizing to play and mess up completely, the CD project for Geralt is a new high for the red farewell style. In fact, what are fun missions, and the liberal characters of the characters who bring the world to life? While competition can be challenging first, once you get involved, you have enough depth here to stay interested for the period. Not to mention that this is often enhanced by the amazing blood and alcohol extension DLC. All the way is necessary.

Enhanced PS4 Pro: No

5: Grand Theft Auto 5

Top 20 best PS4 games in 2020 17

The magic of Grand Theft Auto 5 – our favorite PS3 game – and its reappearance on current-gen hardware isn’t in the improved textures, shinier cars or even the brilliantly executed new first-person mode. It’s in the way each addition and improvement combines to enthrall and seduce you all over again to sink another blissful 50 hours into Los Santos without it ever feeling like a re-run.

Also: an unhealthy dose of first-person cat-stomping. If tabby-kicking isn’t your thing, GTA: Online – with its mega online Heists, improved character creator and, y’know, end of the mystery of Mount Chiliad – is sure to get it claws into you. Quite simply, it represents the definitive edition of the greatest open-world game ever made, which hold up well in 2018.

PS4 Pro enhanced: No

4: Fortnite

Top 20 best PS4 games in 2020 18

Fortnite is the most fun you can have on PlayStation 4 for free – and I do mean totally free because you don’t even need a PS Plus subscription to play online. Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode has taken the world by storm, enchanting players with intense shootouts and towering build battles as they compete to be the last of 100 standing.

Regular developer updates add new weapons, modes, and thoughtful tweaks to baseline mechanics every week, keeping the game fresh even if you already have a few dozens wins under your belt. And don’t forget about Save the World mode if you’re in the mood for something more cooperative, though you will have to pay to play that one (for now).

PS4 Pro enhanced: No

3: Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

Top 20 best PS4 games in 2020 19

Konami can try to clean Kojima’s name from the ultimate in strategic detective action, but it will never remove its fingerprint. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Fantasy Pen provides the level of freedom of independence and creativity in any sandbox while maintaining a wonderful story and a sense of wonder defining the metal gear chain. It’s something to look for days, weeks, months – every little secret and hidden pieces of the gameplay are just waiting to find and prepare the players to reconsider the path of the game.

In addition, it has got a killer ’80 soundtrack, and some surprisingly then voice-acting from Sutherland. Grand, Majestic and Bitters Weet, this is an instant classic and one of the finest things you can put in your PS4. It has also been re-released as MGS5: Defined Experience, in which the preamble is MGS5: Ground Zero plus all metal gear online DLC item, so this is definitely the version.

Enhanced PS4 Pro: No

2:Horizon: Zero Dawn

Top 20 best PS4 games in 2020 20

Guillilla, the biggest surprise of the year 2017, from Kilojon Devas is completely eligible for number two slot in our best PS4 game. The more beautiful it is, the deeper it is, the horizon: Zero Dawn creates a surprisingly rich world to explore and lose. The main gameplay loop of gaming at the top of the post-apocalyptic beauty (especially in the PS4 Pro-enhanced version) and the different mechanical creatures here are the real draws here.

The use of slow weapons like a bow takes a more strategic step on the action – you have to think about your strategies and instead of just charging in the blast, you have to consider your options. Also to learn how you have to go to a hate-filled world, there is a lot to see and when you pursue side quest, meet new groups and the lucrative secrets behind contaminated machines and lost past Try to solve Once you work with the main game, there will be a big, challenging extension with Frozen Wilds. Easily one of the best games of this generation

1: God of War

Top 20 best PS4 games in 2020 21

In our the best PS4 games in 2018 god of war is no.1 .The new God of war – in many ways – is a complete refreshment for this verb series. While Cretos is still very angry, the game still contains moments of horrific violence, and the action is smooth and cruel, the entire structure and speed have been completely modified. Now you are free to explore the world and are free to explore all your secrets, and there are so many layers in this game.

Puzzles are incredibly smart, set pieces are affected, and Cratos is a very circular character – especially when it comes to interacting with his son Extras. It also helps that the game looks independently from scripted scenes, as the combat flows freely, which feels alive and historic all over the world. There is no better showcase game for PS4. It is a grand exclusive that revives one of the longest-serving consoles, one of the most favorite characters. It’s a fun pile to play, and the game just invites you to dig deeper and deeper to find all your gifts. And you will play it long, long.

Enhanced PS4 Pro: Yes

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Top 20 best PS4 games in 2020
Top 20 best PS4 games in 2020 - TencentEmulator

Sony has a wonderful year, so it is difficult to pick the best PS4 games in 2018. But we have done this. We choose best top 20 ps4 games for you in 2018

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